'Luke Nee'
Breed: Siberian Husky
Sex: Male/Neutered
Age: Adult
Date Listed: 11/18/2011
Database ID: 5398
Tracking Number: Luke Nee
Description for 'Luke Nee':
Birthday (approx.): November 18, 2007
What am I? Neutered male Siberian Husky
Colors: Grey & white, Blue Eyes
Weight: 74 pounds (as of 4/27/13)
Children Housemates: Great
Feline Housemates: No!
Canine Housemates: My new home must have at least one other Siberian or similar dog.
Energy Level: High
Owner Aptitude Level: Experience with challenging dogs required
Dream Home Minimum Requirements: Handsome, sweet, energetic, extremely happy, and playful. Did I also mention what a huge lover I am? I spend my time giving kisses or playing. I'm healthy & happy! When I first came to Pet Harbor, I was lethargic & emaciated. After medical treatment & lots of $$$, I am normal weight (well, maybe a little TOO normal) now & no more lethargy! I have loads of energy. All the better able to shower you with nonstop kisses, my dear! Earning my keep, my occupation is that of a kisser. I am, after all, the most gentle kisser in the universe. Now that I have energy, I like to smile, laugh, and bounce, bounce, bounce. When my bounce wears down, which isn't often anymore, I like lying by you and putting my head on your feet. When you tell me to move, I may not understand, but I will enjoy the opportunity to bounce some more. Like all Siberians, my adopters & I would benefit from formal obedience classes, but you can surely expect loads of Lukie kisses. I am really strong, too. Whenever there is a crowd of Siberians playing, I am always at the center of it. I am not a fan of small dogs, however. From the first volunteer who met me in the shelter to whoever last petted me, all the folks at Pet Harbor think I am super awesome. You will think the same. Come closer, and let me kiss you to prove it. Siberians can be challenging. If you're interested in me, you must make sure you have researched just what a Siberian Husky is. I've lost at least two homes already. The next one must be my last one. Just as you would with children, you must be willing to work through whatever issues come up. If you're not ready for that, please don't apply to adopt. If you are ready, though, that's fantastic!
Movies: 1. 3/2/13 Always a Belly-Up Boy
2. Christmas 2011 in Yum!
3. I'm pretty demanding in Belly Scratches, Please!
4. That toy should be mine. See if I will share in Pest Control. Don't you like the title I chose?
5. I play with other dogs in Ring Around the Rudolph
6. Now that I'm healthy, I have a case of the Wild & Crazies.
7. April 2013 Chunky Monkey.
Named for a 9/11 Victim: I am named for Luke G. Nee.
History: Running at large, I landed in a Virginia county dog pound. Then I was adopted. I was very stressed in that home, and my medical condition came back. Now that I'm away from that home, I'm healthy again & super happy.

Current Guardian: Pet Harbor Rescue & Referral, Inc. Phone: 703-583-HSKY State: VA
Email: Location: Virginia    

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