Breed: Siberian Husky
Sex: Female/Spayed
Age: Adult
Date Listed: 10/7/2011
Database ID: 5355
Tracking Number: Cesa
Description for 'Cesa':

Birthday: September 28, 2008
What am I? Spayed female Siberian Husky
Colors: Black & white, brown eyes
Weight: 35 pounds (as of 10/6/11)
Housebroken: Well, they said I was before I was dumped in a shelter, but in foster care, I don't seem to be. I've been jumped around from place to place & don't have a clue why this has happened to me. So my priority is figuring that out, not going to the bathroom where I'm supposed to go.
Children Housemates: Great except I am stubborn & if children behave inappropriately, I certainly will let them know they are wrong!
Feline Housemates: I'm fine with kitties, but the kitties must understand I'm an "in your face" Siberian with them.
Canine Housemates: Great
Energy Level: Medium
Owner Aptitude Level: Preferably Northern breed experience
Dream Home Minimum Requirements: The first thing you'll notice about me is my extraordinary beauty. I have beautiful markings & fur & am a petite lady. Did you see my deep, rich, velvety chocolate eyes? The second thing is how attached I am to people. I do play with other dogs, but my favorite playmate is people. Cats are okay, too, but if they don't like a dog who is constantly trying to get them to play, I should not live in their home. My favorite thing is either running/jumping/playing with a human or sitting facing away from them with my hindquarters pushed up between their legs so they cannot ignore me & must pet me. If you go to bed and leave me outside your room, I will be lying by your bedroom door when you go to sleep & when you wake up. I try to get as close as I can get. Funny thing about me - I haven't jumped up on the couch, but I jump up on the bed, which is higher than the couch! I know basic commands already and am extremely food-motivated. I don't take food gently because I am afraid some other moocher dog will get it! Toys are okay, but I am sincere when I say people are what I want. I can't get enough of them. Do you have a home with lots of humans for me?
Movies: 1. I'm a dance star in Bunny Hop.
2. Ladies Night
Named for a 9/11 Victim: I am named for Cesar Garcia.
History: I was dumped in a rural Virginia kill shelter because the little boy in my home got on my back to ride me while I was eating. I had had enough of the undisciplined little boy, and I let him know it. For some reason, they dumped me and not the perp.