Breed: Siberian Husky
Sex: Male/Neutered
Age: Young
Date Listed: 9/17/2011
Database ID: 5344
Tracking Number: Watt
Description for 'Watt':
Birthday (approx.): March 20, 2011
What am I? Neutered male Siberian Husky
Colors: Black & white, blue eyes
Weight: 30 pounds (as of 9/17/11)
Housebroken: Pretty much
Children Housemates: Great
Feline Housemates: Great
Canine Housemates: Great. In fact, the best home for me has another dog.
Energy Level: Medium
Owner Aptitude Level: Preferably experience with young Northern breed
Dream Home Minimum Requirements: I'm one lucky little boy. My people had to get rid of me because the landlord said no. At least that was the story they give when they dumped me in a shelter. It's the best thing that ever happened to me. I was emaciated, parasite-ridden, shy, and without personality. I was six months old and had never had a vaccine or been to a veterinarian. Like all flowers, I have blossomed in my foster home. I'm in full bloom now! Check out my videos, and you will see. My foster parents & the other dogs there brought me out of my shell. That's why the best home for me has another dog to play with me. What do I love most in this big, wide world? Socks. They're my favorite treat! As you can see, I am great with kitties, too. When I came to Pet Harbor, I didn't smile. You should see me now! I'm a happy lad. My foster dad is putting weight on me. He cooks on the grill just for me! Okay. Maybe you're right. Maybe it's not JUST for me, but I can boast that way if I want! I'm a normal puppy. That means nothing is sacred, whether that's the nearest trash can; toys belonging to other dogs; children's toys; or, as mentioned already, socks! Running is another favorite pastime. I am a Siberian Husky, after all. So are you ready for me? Do you have enough socks? If so, let's go home!
Movies: 1. Engaging in one of my favorite pastimes in Toy Boy,
2. You've heard of Billy the Kid? Check me out in Dakota & Hopalong the Kid, 3. I costar with a kitty in Motorcycle and Sidecar, 4. With the other dogs in my foster home, I star in Bed Bugs, 5. The Man in Running Free,
Named for a 9/11 Victim: I am named for Damion Mowatt.
History: My humans got in trouble with the landlord & turned me into the animal shelter. It's really in my best interest as they had me as a pup and never got me one vaccine whatsoever & Pet Harbor wonders if they even bothered to feed me.

Current Guardian: Pet Harbor Rescue & Referral, Inc. Phone: 703-583-HSKY State: VA
Email: Location: Virginia    

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