Breed: Siberian Husky
Sex: Male/Neutered
Age: Young
Date Listed: 2/18/2011
Database ID: 5233
Tracking Number: McPadden
Description for 'McPadden':
Birthday (approx.): February 20, 2010
What am I? Neutered male Siberian Husky
Colors: Red & white, blue eyes
Weight: 79 pounds (as of 2/19/13)
Children Housemates: Great
Feline Housemates: No way!
Canine Housemates: I generally am extremely playful with other dogs, but if they jump me, I will win the fight. Luke Nee & I are very best friends in foster care. My new home must have at least one other Siberian or similar dog.
Energy Level: Medium
Owner Aptitude Level: Northern breed experience preferred
Dream Home Minimum Requirements: Goofy galoot. That's what I am, a big red & white galoot. I like people & toys, but I don't hold attention with toys long. That's because I like kissing better than munching toys. I'm comedy & fun & sweetness, all rolled into one dog. You have never met a happier dog. Also, I'm extraordinarily food-motivated. I already know how to sit & down, but you surely can train me with other things using food. In fact, like all Siberians, my adopters & I would benefit from formal obedience classes. I am a really, really strong boy, too. I'm 79 pounds of muscle. Siberians can be challenging. If you're interested in me, you must make sure you have researched just what a Siberian Husky is. I've lost at least two homes already. The next one must be my last one. Just as you would with children, you must be willing to work through whatever issues come up. If you're not ready for that, please don't apply to adopt. If you are ready, though, that's fantastic!
Movies: 1. Circlin' the Troops
2. Catch the Tidbit
3. Me First!
4. Feels So Good!
5. Sacred Ground
Named for a 9/11 Victim: I am named for Robert William McPadden.
History: I was turned into an animal shelter because my owner had to suddenly leave the country & I was left in the apartment alone. No, my owner did not leave the country of his own volition. It sounded like an enjoyable adventure to me, but I could not disguise myself enough to hitch a ride. So then I got adopted. Lo & behold, my new human (of 1.5 years) made the decision he could not take me with him after he retires in SIX YEARS. So I came back to rescue & the human who had made the commitment to me that he broke went on to live happily ever after, after dumping me. Please if you're going to dump a dog, don't adopt. Don't get our hopes up.

Current Guardian: Pet Harbor Rescue & Referral, Inc. Phone: 703-583-HSKY State: VA
Email: Location: Virginia    

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